2. The Olmec Civilization
Click here to access full Website on the Olmec Civilization.
Click here to access Website on Olmec culture.

1. Who Were The Olmecs?

2. Were the Olmecs descendants
of African explorers? Is there any possible

3. What is Afrocentrism?
        Giant Head               Grandmother                        Head on Pedestal               Seated Olmec
Olmec Head Profile          Olmec Mother/Child                Stele I                       Three Head Stone
La Venta Park                                   Altar #4                                                           Olmec Mound   
Activity 1: Los Países de Sudamérica
Activity 2: Las Capitales de los Países Sudamericanos
Activity 3: Los Países de Centroamérica y del Caribe
Activity 4: Las Capitales de los Países Centroamericanos y del Caribe

1. Los Países y Sus Capitales
La Cultura
3. Los Olmecas de Mesoamérica
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4. Spanish-Speaking Country Project
Click here to access the directions for the Spanish-Speaking Country Project
Click here to access The World Factbook as one of your resources.
Click here to access Encyclopedia.com as a resource.
Click here to access AllRefer.com Reference as a resource.
Examples of the completed informational project slides. Click each slide to view -
Project must also include a reference page of at least three references.
5. The African Diaspora in Latin America

Click here to access a map of the primary African Diaspora.
Click here to access research on the African Diaspora.
Click here to access text on the history of Afro-Latin America
Click here to access perspectives of today's Afro-Latinos en Los Estados Unidos
Click here to access Latin American Hiphop
Click here to access: A Rising Voice: Afro-Latin Americans
Click here to access Afro hispanos
6. El baile y la música del mundo hispano

Página 35 – Practice reading aloud the section “Conexiones – La Música.

(Record yourself as you read, if you have a recorder.)

Copy the Spanish and translate each passage into English.

This written activity will be collected and graded

7. Canción de Hip Hop # 1 (Mambo)

Click here to access the words to “Mambo”. Print a copy of the words.

Click here to access the music track to “Mambo”.

Practice saying the words to the song along with the music. 

Turn to page 42 of the textbook and practice dancing el Mambo de Cuba.

Click here for Mambo dance steps. Click here for Mambo demonstration with music.

 8. Canción de Mexico: Cielito Linda

Click here for the words to the song "Cielito Linda".

Click here to access the musical track with Enrique Iglesias y Luciano Pavarotto.

9. Danzas Españoles

Realidades I Página 35 – Conexiones – La Música

10. El Flamenco

Click here to view Peña Flamenco – Grand Riviera Princess Resort (Professional Dancers)

Click hereto view Flamenco on the Streets of Sevilla, Spain (Gypsy Performers)

Click here to learn how to perform the Flamenco!

After many years you may dance El Flamenco like this!

(Click here) Las Mujeres or this

(Click here)Los Hombres

11. El Tango

Click here to view Argentine Tango/Milongo

Read the comments related to the music and dance.

Click here to learn basic footwork of the Argentine Tango.

 12. El Merengue y La Bachata

Click here to view el traditional merengue de la Republica Dominicana

Click here to learn the steps to el merengue


Click here to view la bachata en la playa de la R. D.

Click here to learn the steps to la bachata

13. Salsa Puertorriqueña

Click here to view la salsa de Puerto Rico

Click here to learn basic steps for la salsa 

14. Cumbia de Colombia

Click here to view authentic cumbia dance and music

Click here to learn basic cumbia steps

15. Ballet Folkloríco de Latin Ameríca

Click here for Ballet de Colombia

Click here for Ballet de México
 16. Negrismo y Negritud de Afro-Caribena
(Click here)

17. La Poesía de la Negritud
(Click here)

18. Legacy of Negrismo/Negritude: Inter-American Dialogues
(Click here)

19. The Moors in Spain
(Read pages 44 and 45 of the text)

Click here to view the video:
When the Moors Ruled in Spain

 20. El Caribe

Read "El Mundo Hispano" on pages 68 and 69.

Read further one of the articles on African influence in Cuba

AfroCubaWeb (Click here)

La Cocina (Click here)

Cultural History (Click here)

Ethnic Groups (Click here)

La Música (Click here)

Santería Religion (Click here)

21. El Pollo Rico
Click to access menu to El Pollo Rico

22. (Pictures from Cancun  - September 16, 2011)
La Comida de México
23. El Arte de México
24. Los Trajes de México

26. The First Americans
Were Africans


Click the page below to access the article "El Nuevo Baltimore" in
English and Spanish. (Page 36, 37, 39, 40, 41, 43)

Click here to access podcast of "El Nuevo Baltimore" from the Marc Steiner radio show first aired December 12, 2011.

Click here to access Arcos Authentic Mexican Restaurant & Bar in Baltimore

25. El Nuevo Baltimore

Book Description (Amazon
Publication Date: March 4, 2011

First Americans, as seen on the cover of this book, will be thoroughly covered. The picture was taken by the crew of The HMS Challenger Expedition, 1872-1876 A.D. at the most Southern region of South America, at a place called Tierra del Fuego. This picture can be seen today in the Natural Museum of London. Africans not only came before Columbus and Clovis, but were in the Americans far before any other group, at least 60,000 years ago. We will go through evidence exposed by a panel of credible scholars, professors and researchers. The evidence lies in several different scientific fields.
Do not forget the Egyptians. They were also here far before the Vikings or Columbus. They left structures above and below the waves in far away places in North America. From the East to the West Coasts; from the valleys to mountain tops that still carry their names. You will read about remnants of their artifacts, writings, architecture and more.
For years this story was hidden and forbidden to be repeated. Researchers who dared to bring out new finds that were against the accepted history were intimidated, funding terminated and in some cases jobs and careers put in jeopardy. Authors such as Dr. Imhotep are now throwing caution to the wind and lifting the veil of secrecy never to be closed again. This is a true history for all to learn and enjoy and there is much more on its way ... as the veil of secrecy and concealed information is made available to the public in my future, “Lifting of the Veil Series.”
Click here to access Foreword Reviews of The First Americans Were Africans.


27. From Ancient Africa to Ancient America

Click here for the "Expeditions of Thor Heyerdahl"

Click here for "Who Came Before Columbus?"

Click here for "Black Civilizations of Ancient America."

28. The Slave Route in the Latin Caribbean: Aruba

Click here for reading selection​​
29. Spanish Immigrants to Hawaii and California

Click here to view the video (You Tube) ​​
         30. The Lucayan - Spanish  Encounter in the Bahamas

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​31. Negro? Prieto? Moreno?

A Question of Identity for Black Mexicans​​

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